Hi, We are Sian & Tony

Sian Chambers-Vallance – Clinical play therapist, creative counsellor, consultant and trainer, Parent educator, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher, Brain geek and Play and Creativity Advocate

Tony Vallance – Secondary School Teacher, Australian Education Awards Teacher of the Year 2019, Victorian Excellence in Education Awards Finalist 2018, Drumbeat and Mindfulness Facilitator, STEAMWORKS Founder, Leadership team – curriculum development and STEAM, Teacher trainer, Certified Classroom Educator for Positive Discipline.

The Mission of

The mission of Building Better Brains is to help make the world a better place through training, consultancy, education, connection and empowerment.

We work to grow capacity and understanding in the systems around the next generation of children in our care – parents, educators and mental health professionals.

Building Better Brains Australia is the love child of husband and wife team – Sian Chambers-Vallance and Tony Vallance.

Just as Building Better Brains Australia is the bridge between the similar but different work Sian and Tony do to grow capacity and care in the systems they work with, it is also the bridge between the 20+ years of neuroscience and trauma research that needs to start forming the basis of best practice in the systems around our children, and surrounding all human beings.

We hope you will work alongside us to help build a better world and healthy brains and relationships!

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Client Feedback!

“Sian's knowledge gained while delivering in excess of 25 years of classes and workshops in schools, kinders, and private groups – working with children and families to enhance self-esteem, self-expression, attachment and relationship building through creative arts activities (music, drama, yoga and mindfulness) – has been invaluable to our organisation”
-Phill McEvoy
I loved it! I found it very interesting (and confronting for personal reasons). I really want to see changes in schools and to be able to help as many kids (and adults) with trying to navigate learning and life. I really learnt a lot and am looking forward to learning more and seeing how the program goes once implemented.
-Nurture Groups Training Participant

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