Agents of Change – How to Build Student agency and Engagement

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90-Minute Workshop


Empower the next generation with the tools and confidence to take charge of their learning in our dynamic keynote, “Agents of Change: How to Build Student Agency and Engagement.” This inspirational event will provide educators, administrators, and educational advocates with innovative strategies to foster a sense of agency and active engagement among students. Presented with passion, humour and insight by Tony Vallance, award-winning teacher and therapist. 

In this transformative session, you will:

  • Unlock Student Potential: Discover effective methods to cultivate student autonomy, encouraging learners to take ownership of their educational journeys.
  • Innovative Engagement Strategies: Explore creative techniques and practical approaches to keep students motivated, curious, and deeply involved in their learning processes.
  • Success Stories and Best Practices: Gain insights from real-life examples and success stories from classrooms where student agency has transformed the learning environment.
  • Tools for Change: Learn how to implement policies and practices that support a culture of empowerment and participation, ensuring every student can thrive.

Whether you are a teacher, school leader, or education enthusiast, this keynote will equip you with the inspiration and practical tools needed to create a learning environment where students are not just participants, but true agents of change in their education.

Join us for this enlightening and empowering session. Reserve your spot now and become a catalyst for student agency and engagement in your community!