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How To Create A Meaningful Connection With Your Child

Life is pretty busy and chaotic when raising children. When things get hectic, we often struggle to juggle all the demands of family life: keeping our children healthy and safe, juggling study, work, school, appointments, running a household, extracurricular activities, and showing up where you need to be on time. Children need time and a

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Co-Regulation Techniques to Upskill Your Toolbox and Tame Meltdowns

In a previous blog of ours, “Using ‘The Hand Model of the Brain’ to Explain our Reaction to Stress”, we discussed how children can get overwhelmed by big emotions and throw tantrums. Today, we’re going to give you practical tips to help your kids manage these big feelings and develop self-regulation skills through a process

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How ‘Risky Play’ Helps Build Healthier Brains

We’ve all witnessed the excitement in a child’s eyes when they run like a maniac during a game of chase. Or how proud they look waving back from that tree they just climbed. Activities like this challenge their physical strength and help them discover their limits, often involving a slight risk of injury (which, of

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Healing The Wounds Image

Healing the Wounds: How to Deal with Nervous System Deregulation

Children are meant to be happy and energetic; exploring their surroundings, asking lots of questions, playing (and occasionally fighting) with other children… It’s all part of learning to interact and develop social relationships with other people and regulate themselves. But why is it that some children find it harder than others to engage socially? Why

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Grow your child

Grow Yourself To Grow Your Child

How Our Own Early Life Experiences Affect Our Response To Stress And Parenting Your childhood experiences have shaped you into what you are today, but they have also created behavioural patterns that you might not be aware of. That’s all the more true for those who have been exposed to acute stress or traumatic events

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hand model of the brain

Using ‘The Hand Model of the Brain’ to Explain our Reaction to Stress

Dr. Daniel Siegel’s hand model of the brain allows us to picture our brain structure and understand why it’s difficult to control our reactions when we’re overwhelmed with strong emotions, especially stress. Due to developmental factors, children are more susceptible to stress. The hand model of the brain helps them imagine what’s happening inside their

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