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Building Better Brains Facilitator Training Program


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Do you want to help build capacity and make a difference in your community? Make the world a better place for your children? Build more emotionally intelligent, mindful families? Then this Brainwise Parenting facilitator training program is for you.

Learn how to run parent workshops all about brain and behaviour, recovery from trauma, building mindful connected families, and resilient and confident kids!

You will learn how to present the Brainwise Parenting workshops and information, understand the brain science behind the program, explore the workbook tools and practice the practical engagement activities.

What will you learn? 

This comprehensive Brainwise Parenting Facilitator Training Program is a self-paced online training program, so it can be completed around your other commitments of family, work and study.

After completion, you will be equipped with a toolbox of materials, resources, and workshop presentations ready to go! All the hours and hours of work have already been done for you! 

The Brainwise Parenting Facilitator training program also provides a ‘business in a box’ structure with how-to guides, resources, and templates covering advertising your workshops, pricing, building a brand, marketing techniques, building mailing lists, flyers, insurance, costs, and considerations, etc.

What’s inside? 

1. Understanding Brain and Behaviour and Trauma workshop presentation and delivery training manual

You’ll learn how to demystify behaviour as we explore essential neuroscience, understand the needs of the brain and how to support ourselves and our children in healing from trauma. Understand why behaviour is a symptom of a dysregulated nervous system and explore a range of evidenced-based strategies that help improve safety, connection and regulation to help families thrive.

You will also learn how stress and trauma impact brain and behaviour, regulation capacity and relationships. Explore practical ideas that can help restore regulation, calm, safety and connection to your family and help process the traumatic events. 

2. Building Mindful and Connected Families workshop presentation and delivery training manual

Practice mindful moments in your daily life. Train the brain for a sense of calm, self-compassion and kindness. You will explore how mindfulness physically changes our brain, behaviour & transforms our relationships, and learn lots of practical tools and techniques that can benefit everyone in the family and restore some calm to the chaos.

You will also learn what connections are essential for building resilient, confident and emotionally intelligent brains and how to use games, play and connection to help regulate your child’s stress responses.

3. Taming the TigerUnderstanding and Calming Anger in Yourself and Your Family workshop presentation and delivery training.

You’ll learn how to identify the emotional triggers in yourself and your family that lead to anger, understand the science and function of emotions, explore coping skills, resourcing, effective communication and learn practical tools and techniques to help restore calm and emotional health to your family.

4. Regulate and Create – Towards Calmer Families workshop presentation and delivery training

You’ll learn about the science of regulation, and some practical tools and strategies that you can start using with yourselves and your children to help improve behaviour, emotional functioning, strengthen relationships, promote positive mental health and resiliency.

Who is it for?

People wanting to set up their own businesses running parenting education workshops and courses to support their communities. 

This is also for mental health professionals, therapists, and teachers wanting to add extra areas of training, income, and services to their practice.

You’ll receive:

  • Business in a Box Training manual with all your templates, booking sheets, marketing materials, and resources ready to use straight away – templates are also available in editable word format so you can build your own brand.
  • The Brainwise Facilitator training participant workbooks to use with parents and caregivers who attend your sessions with ready to go reflections and activities for follow-up learning for each workshop.
  • Access to the whole package of online Brainwise Parenting workshop presentations and slides presentations delivered by Building Better Brains Australia.
  • A certificate of completion as a Brainwise Parent Facilitator.
  • Extra business and training support sessions are also available to purchase as required to support you on your journey.

We are here to support you to grow your successful business!

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What You'll Learn


Building capacity and understanding

You’ll learn how to help build capacity and understanding in parents and caregivers.


How to build more emotionally intelligent, connected and mindful families


How to run evidenced based Brainwise workshops for parents and caregivers

Learn how to run parent workshops all about brain and behaviour, recovery from trauma, managing anger, building more mindful connected families and regulated, resilient and confident kids!


How to build a business from passion to launch that can help support your community

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