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Parent Support Session & Training Programs

Parent Support Session & Training Programs

Home schooling


Learn all about brain and behaviour, how trauma effects behaviour and regulation and lots of practical evidenced based tools to help support your children – and yourself!

Filial Therapy Child-Parent Relationship Model (6-Week Course)

C-P-R training is a research-based parenting course that teaches parents and caregivers techniques used by play therapists to help children with social, emotional, or behavioral issues. This 6-week program helps parents regain control, promote self-control and confidence in their child, teach effective discipline, understand their child’s emotional needs, and improve communication. It’s suitable for parents of children facing various concerns such as meltdowns, anxiety, trauma, hyperactivity, and more. Research indicates that motivated parents can be as effective as professionals in helping their child.

Level up Superskills Training for Dads

Learn how to better manage the stress of fatherhood in a practical, fun and judgement free way. Take your Dad game to the next level and join a growing group of calmer, happier and more connected Dads today.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a type of person-centred psychological counselling (psychotherapy) that can help family members improve their communication and resolve conflicts. Family therapy can be useful in any family situation that causes stress, grief, anger, or conflict. It can help you and your family members understand one another better and learn better coping skills to bring you closer together.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is a type of counseling that helps couples deal with challenges and improve communication. It aims to help couples understand their relationship better and find healthier ways to relate to each other. Therapists use specific techniques to support the couple’s goals. Common issues addressed in couples therapy include communication problems, negative behavior patterns, parenting issues, grief, trauma, intimacy or sexual difficulties, affairs, or considering separation. Specially trained therapists guide couples through discussions, strategies, and activities tailored to their needs. If you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, couples therapy can help