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Connected Classrooms Training Program

Connected Classrooms Training Program Macbook

90-Minute Webinar Recording

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Short Description

Learn how to establish a great rapport with your students, find your personal power to teach with confidence without the ‘teacher’s mask’ and create classes that sustain you rather than drain you. We will show you hands on pedagogical techniques that empower students to grow.

Presented by Tony Vallance, Australian Educator of the year (2019)

What’s inside?

As a ConnectED Classrooms trained teacher you will be able to:

  • Quickly establish a strong rapport with your students

  • Gain confidence in your strengths as a teacher and own your space with your students.

  • Learn to apply collaborative learning strategies with differentiated roles for students to thrive within.

  • Learn passive and active monitoring strategies that give you feedback both from a wellbeing based and academic growth perspective. 

  • Find ways to engage and empower your students with learning so you can truly become the ‘guide on the side’ who leads from behind.

These workshops are available as self directed online training for your staff or as in person live workshops (or via zoom).

Who is it for?

This training is ideal for teachers and educators looking to improve the online classroom experience for their classes.

A Training Certificate will be available upon completion.

Award Winning Instructors

What You'll Learn


Tools to Create a Connected Classroom Experience

Entry and exit procedures, class meetings, student voice and choice and agency building techniques, calm mind practice and de escalation techniques.


What are the Benefits of Using These Tools

Assisting with transitions, dysregulated behaviours, switching on the ‘learning brain,’ and strengthening rapport and connection in the classroom.

"Learn practical evidenced based strategies to build calmer, more regulated classrooms and strengthen relationships which are the basis of pro social functioning and academic resilience."
Tony Vallance
Tony Vallance
Course Instructor, 2019 Australian Teacher of The Year Education Awards Winner