Creative Arts Interventions for Building Healthy Brains with Clients – Rhythm, Movement, Music and Art

Creative Arts Interventions for Building Healthy Brains with Clients Course Cover

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Short Description

Explore how to incorporate essential creative arts reflection activities into your therapy toolbox to help aid regulation and reflection, establish connection and rapport, build well integrated brains, assist with trauma processing and enhance emotional intelligence skills.

Opportunities for creative self expression are key to the development of a healthy functioning, well integrated brain and nervous system, a resilient mindset, problem solving and creative thinking.  

Self expression activities help to build a positive internal working model of self, boost self confidence, allow the practice of pro social skills, help build emotional intelligence and empathy, allow exploration of alternative life narratives and scripts and ways of being and feeling in response to inputs.

What’s inside?

This training covers the neuroscience about why we need to work with our clients in this playful and creative way, to help grow healthier brains for the next generation and comes loaded with lots of practical tools and techniques to get you started right way!

These workshops are available as self directed online training or as in person live workshops (or via zoom).

Presented by Sian Chambers-Vallance, Clinical play therapist, parent educator, play advocate and consultant.

Who is it for?

Mental health professionals – counsellors, psychologists, social workers,OTS, play therapists, nurses and more.

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500+ Enrolled Participants

What You'll Learn


Creative Arts Therapy Techniques

Including mindfulness, body awareness, breath, music, creativity, personal development, relaxation, movement, journaling, painting, and many more.


What Are The Benefits of These Techniques

Including helping your clients to reconnect with themselves, helping them to process old wounds, and supporting them to start thriving again.


Understand the science of play and creativity 

Learn why play and creativity are such powerful, essential tools for supporting our clients, creating personal narratives and helping whole brain integration.

“Loved it all. Very informative and backed with evidence based research. Current, fun and engaging. Excellent presenter! Thank you.”
Course Participant