Essential Self Care For Parents

Filling Your Cup

2-Hour Self-Paced Training

Self-Paced Course

Short Description

Self paced essential self care and resourcing training for busy parents who are feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and anxious juggling the demands of modern parenting.

What’s inside?

Tools include:

  • Trauma holds for nervous system regulation and stress reduction;
  • Breathing techniques to bring calm to your chaos;
  • Mindfulness exercises to build more capacity;
  • Movement for regulation – practical movement tools to manage stress and overwhelm;
  • Other essential resourcing supports for supporting ourselves through the challenges of the parenting journey;
  • Full of practical daily tools and exercises that you can start using at home right away to help bring more balance to your life.

The course also comes with a downloadable manual and printable activities to do at home.

Who is it for?

Busy parents trying to balance the stress and demands of modern parenting and feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and exhausted.

Award Winning Instructors

What You'll Learn


How to keep ourselves healthy, so we can do everything we need to provide for our children’s health and wellbeing. 


How to incorporate simple and practical daily resourcing activities into your busy schedule.


Understand how to support and resource your own nervous system to better manage stress and overwhelm. 


Learn how to feel more grounded and connected to yourself and your family.


Learn how to increase your capacity to juggle the demands of parenting life with a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Our children’s brains cannot not grow healthy if we are not first filling our own cups —we cannot pour from an empty cup!

“Thank you, loved this session so much. You have given some enormously powerful information and knowledge to take away. You are such a great power team, well done and thank you for sharing.”
Course Participant