For Mental Health Professionals

Interpersonal Neurobiology and The Power of Play

Learn all about brain and behaviour, explore what behaviour reveals about nervous system responses to stress, explore attachment models, investigate Polyvagal theory, and how our own neurobiology and mirror-neuron system influences our clients.  

Explore how play and creativity work magically with our neurobiology, how they help build mindful, well integrated brains and why we all need to become child advocates to help build more brain wise, trauma smart, creative, emotionally intelligent systems around the future generation of children!

Essential Neuroscience for the Brain-Wise Therapist

2-Hour Course  Self-Guided  Coming Soon 

Interpersonal Neurobiology and The Power of Play

2 x 90-Minute Course  Self-Guided  |  Coming Soon

Mindfulness and Self Care – Hold Yourself to Hold Your Client

6-Week Course  Self-Guided  |  Coming Soon

Creative Arts Interventions for Building Healthy Brains with Clients

2-Hour Course  |  Self-Paced  |  Coming Soon