Parent Training and Capacity Building Support Programs 

Preparing Your Child to Start School

Our new course provides help to parents of pre-school aged children getting ready to start their first school year. We discuss the typical challenges that may arise, and give practical tools that parents can use at home to help their kids get ready for this big transition.

Unlocking the Secrets of Brain and Behavior

6-Hour Course  Self-Guided  |  Online 

Filial Therapy Parenting

7-Week Course | Self-Guided | Online


6-Week Course  |  Coming Soon

Neuroplay Early Intervention and Support Program

10-Week Program  |  Self-Paced  

Re-Connect Family Play

6-Week Program  |  Coming Soon

Taming The

90-Minute Webinar  |  Coming Soon

Connection Based Parenting

90-Minute Webinar  |  Coming Soon  

Mindful Parents

90-Minute Webinar  |  Coming Soon

2,4,6,8 This is How We Regulate!

90-Minute Webinar  |  Coming Soon

Superhero Parenting –
Dad Edition

90-Minute Webinar  |  Coming Soon  

How To Create a Meaningful Connection With Your Child

60-Minute Webinar  |  Online  | Self-Paced

Kids Calm Brains Video Course For Children

30 Minutes | With Activity Book

Essential Self Care For Parents

2-Hour Course  |  Self-Paced