Parent Training and Capacity Building Support Programs 

Building Better Brains Australia offer consultancy, training and education to schools, organisations, workplaces, teachers, parents and mental health professionals.  By working to make our systems more creative, child centred, brainwise and trauma smart we can build a more emotionally intelligent generation for the future.  Working together we can build better brains!

Training and consultancy can be conducted in the following ways:

  1. By enrolling in Building Better Brains Australia’s self paced, capacity building online training and support programs and workshops.

  2. By enrolling in one of our LIVE training programs or workshops delivered online via the zoom platform.  These can be booked as group or individual workshops, counselling support or mentor sessions with a Building Better Brains Australia Consultant.

  3. By booking our Building Better Brains Australia consultants to deliver training, consultancy or support in person for your organisation.

  4. By designing your own custom made package with Building Better Brains Australia to help support the educational and capacity building needs of your specific organisation.

The 6 week online training program includes information on:

  • Using attachment games to enhance family relationships

  • Using sensory exploration activities to reduce stress and aid family connection

  • Ways to increase the family fun factor

  • Understanding the neurobiology of play and why this is essential to successful parenting

  • Exploring how to interpret the need behind challenging behaviours

  • Play based strategies for challenging behaviours

  • Understanding why connection before correction is key to a thriving relationship

  • Understanding how to build emotional intelligence, mindfulness and healthy brains in your children

  • Learning how to bring more calm to your chaos and laughter to your home

  • Suitable for children with attachment and relationship challenges, behavioural and self regulation issues, children born preterm, early hospitalisations and separations, medical trauma, adopted or foster children, autism, early developmental or birth trauma, where there is been high stress, anxiety, depression or PND in the family or child etc.

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  1. Unlocking the secrets of brain and behaviour – OPEN FOR ENROLMENT!

    This workshop provides essential knowledge for caregivers on children’s brain development, engaging the whole brain, stages of cognitive growth, how early experiences effect behaviour, expectations for behaviour at different ages and practical strategies for managing these behaviours.  Working from a brain informed parenting approach demystifies your child’s behaviour and helps you discover better ways to connect and increase the fun and joy in parenting.

    Suitable for any parents who want to equip themselves with the most up to date, evidenced based strategies to help their children work through behavioural, social, emotional and cognitive challenges. 

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  2. Reconnecting after Trauma: Trauma Informed Parenting, Interventions and Supports

    This workshop covers the effect of stress and trauma on the developing brain and behaviour and explains why sensory and creative interventions can be so powerful in aiding healing.

    Techniques such as music, drumming, dance and movement, play therapy, art therapy, sensory interventions and mindfulness are covered.

    This workshop will explore WHY and HOW trauma and adverse childhood (and birth) experiences can effect behaviour and provides lots of practical take home ideas and interventions that can help restore calm, safety and connection to your family.

    If your child struggles with separation anxiety, social and emotional issues, attachment difficulties, aggression or regression it could be related to a stressful or traumatic experience during birth or in their early years of brain development. Learn how and why these experiences can affect brain and behaviour. 

  3. Calming The Chaos: Building more Mindful Families and Keeping our Parenting Cups Full

    In this workshop we explore the WHAT, WHY and HOW of mindfulness for aiding behavioural, social and emotional concerns in children. 

    With lots of practical tips, exercises and techniques we explore:

    • the power of breath to calm the nervous system

    • how to settle a brain in meltdown mode

    • building a family gratitude practice

    • setting up a calm space in your home

    • using guided mediation and mindful reflection activities to promote emotional self-regulation

    • using physical movement, connection and creativity to shift the ‘immovability’ of stress, anxiety and anger.

    Drawing upon decades of research on neurobiology, attachment, mindfulness, creativity and the brain, this workshop is suitable for caregivers looking for ways to restore connection, calm and laughter in their families.

  4. Yes we can: Building Confidence and Resilience in Your Child

    Everyone has the capacity for resilience. Building resilience is something we work on throughout our lives. Resilience is the ability to steer through serious life challenges and find ways to bounce back and to thrive.  Resilience helps people live happier, healthier, more successful lives and protects against depression and promotes stronger wellbeing mental health.

    Children learn how to respond with resilience in the context of caring relationships and positive role models at home and in the community.  Children build their resilience when they are given opportunities to learn skills and participate in meaningful activities at home and in their community.

    In this workshop participants will learn about resilience and its importance for child development. Participants reflect on ways to be positive role models for their children and learn ways to boost their children’s ability to bounce back from life’s challenges and thrive.

This workshop series is available as self guided online training, or conducted face to face for groups (or via zoom).

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Filial Therapy training is a research-based, parenting course that teaches parents and caregivers how to use some of the same ‘ tools of the trade’ that play therapists use to help children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioural problems. The 6-week self guided online training will help you regain control as a parent, help your child develop self-control and increase confidence, teach effective discipline & limit setting of inappropriate behaviour, increase understanding your child’s emotional needs, and help you communicate more effectively with your child.

Suitable for parents of children experiencing social, emotional, or behavioural concerns such as: meltdowns, early trauma experiences and high stress environments, anxiety, separation anxiety, depression, hyperactivity, concerns related to adoption or foster care, chronic illness or disability, inattention, trauma including abuse, oppositional behaviours, aggression, attachment issues, school refusal, attention deficit problems, violence, selective mutism, obsessive-compulsive behaviours. Research shows that motivated parents can be as effective as a professional in helping their child.

In 6 weeks, of practicing these techniques at home with your child, you should see noticeable differences in your relationship with your child, your child’s behaviour, your ability to respond effectively, your confidence in your parenting skills.

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Parents and caregivers play a crucial role in the development of a child’s personality and greatly influence children’s overall well-being. Different parenting styles have been linked to a variety of specific developmental outcomes related to social and emotional well-being as well as academic achievement. The core of the evidence-based, Positive Discipline approach is that “there are no bad kids, just bad behaviour.” All of the Positive Discipline tools are designed to help parents practically apply what is shown to be most beneficial for family relationships and child development.

Positive Discipline Parenting focuses on improving family connection and reducing unwanted behaviours by:

1. Helping children feel a sense of belonging and significance.
2. Being kind and firm at the same time.
3. Being effective long term.
4. Teaching valuable social and life skills for good character, respect, concern for others, problem solving and cooperation.
5. Inviting children to discover their full capabilities and resilience, and how to use their power constructively to make better choices.

Create a calmer and happier household and eliminate problem behaviours long term in this transforming 6-week self guided online Positive Discipline Parenting course.

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The Journey Within Creative Arts Counselling Program is designed to help parents fill their own cups, build capacity, manage their stress and heal their past (which always gets triggered through our own parenting).

This 6 week self guided online training program is also available as individualized online sessions via zoom.

This training program combines person centred, strengths based counselling, mindfulness strategies, art therapy techniques, body awareness, personal development and reflection, to help you reconnect with yourself, heal your past and start thriving again.

This is a nurturing, supportive time to give back to yourself!

No previous artistic experience required – it is about your process, not the product.

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This is a 6 week online self guided course that includes information on:

  • The power of practicing mindfulness in our daily lives

  • Training our brain for calm and kindness

  • Building our own capacity to manage our stress

  • Understanding how mindfulness helps us manage our stress and triggers

  • Understanding how mindfulness helps regulate our nervous system and expand our window of tolerance

  • Explore how mindfulness physically changes our brain, behaviour and transforms our relationships (with ourselves and others)

The course will involve lots of practical tips, resources and mindfulness meditations.

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