Clinical Services For Teens

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Below you can view all our therapeutic programs for teens that will be delivered at our Croydon headquarters.

The sessions are hosted by Sian Chambers-Vallance who has over 20 years of experience in therapy, including Clinical Child Centred Play Therapy, Arts Therapy, Filial Therapy & Trauma Informed Practice; and Tony Vallance, Australian Education Awards Teacher of The Year 2019.

Find Your Tribe – Therapeutic Role Play Group

Therapeutic Goals: These sessions are targeted at skill growth in pro-social skills, critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaborative problem solving. 

Description: Using a fun, engaging and gamified approach, participants are immersed in worlds where they must support and be supported by their teammates and learn how to get by in epic, adventurous and challenging situations. From Kids on Bikes, Teens in Space to Dungeons and Dragons, this group is about growing real world coping skills in a safe, fun and immersive environment. Are you game?

Ages: 13-19

Express Yourself

Express Yourself – Therapeutic Drama Group

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Rhythm For Regulations

Rhythm for Regulation Therapeutic Drumming Group – Teen Edition

Therapeutic Goals: Boost attention, engagement, motor skills, collaboration and resilience skills. 

Description: This hands on program builds teamwork, self belief and resilience skills using drumming as a tool to promote real discussions around many challenges facing teens. Primary using the Drumbeat Resilience Through Rhythm system, this evidence based program provides a challenging yet safe environment to build both physical and mental skills to help cope with many issues such anxiety, aggressive behaviours and social skills/confidence.

Ages: 13-18 years

Express for Success – Art for Anxiety and Self Esteem

In this group, participants will have the opportunity to get to know themselves better and improve their confidence and self-expression. This will be done through social team-building and trust-enhancing activities, relaxation and concentration exercises, and self-reflection and personal-understanding activities. The group will provide space for multi-sensory exploration that engages mind, body, and emotions to explore and convey thoughts and information in a creative form using techniques such as collage, painting, drawing, watercolour, mask making and art construction.

Ages: 9-14 years

Musical Connections Therapeutic Group

Come and join our music for wellbeing circle, where music and sound allow us to create a new and exciting synergy. Find your creative rhythm and voice and feel the joy of building improvised music. Explore different instruments including hand percussion, drums, and the ukulele. Learn songs for wellbeing and rhythmic games that deepen our communication and freedom of self-expression through music. This group offers an empowering opportunity for children to find their voice through music, songwriting, singing and drumming!

Ages: 9-14 years