How To Create a Meaningful Connection With Your Child

How To Create A Meaningful Connection Macbook

1-Hour Self-Paced Training

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Short Description

In this introductory course for parents, we will explore some playful activities you can share with your child so that you can connect with them in a meaningful and deeper way…to truly refill both your connection cups. We will also look at the science of play and why it is so essential for managing behaviour, and building healthy brains, thriving families and relationships.

What’s inside?

Lots of fun, evidenced based, practical therapeutic tools and activities that you can start using at home straight away to strengthen the connection to your child – which is the basis for their healthy functioning. Behaviour is always a symptom!

Who is it for?

Parents and caregivers who want to strengthen the relationship with their child, and to help their child grow regulation, emotional intelligence, confidence and resilience.

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