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Interpersonal Neurobiology and The Power of Play

Interpersonal Neurobiology and the Power of Play Macbook

2 x 90-Minute Training


Short Description

Learn all about Interpersonal Neurobiology – how, as social animals, we are influenced by and influence the people around us. We look at the Science of play and how play helps build healthier brains and nervous systems, emotional intelligence and pro social skills.  A strong foundation in neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology helps us as therapists to conceptualise our client’s progress in sessions and allows us to provide essential psychoeducation to parents to help them build healthier more emotionally intelligent brains in their children.

What’s inside?

In this two part, self paced training we explore Interpersonal Neurobiology, the neuroscience of brain and behaviour, the power of using play and creativity in therapy, how trauma impacts the wiring of the brain and nervous system, the ACES study, stress responses, early attachment models and how they influence brain and social development, investigate Polyvagal theory, and explore how to resource our own nervous systems as therapists so we can become more regulated anchors for our client’s therapeutic growth. 

Explore how play and creativity work powerfully with our neurobiology, how they help build more mindful, well integrated brains and why we all need to become child advocates to help build more brain wise, trauma smart, creative, emotionally intelligent systems around the future generation of children in our care!

This workshop is available as x2 90 minute webinars of self directed online training and activities with a Certificate available upon completion.

Presented by Sian Chambers-Vallance, Clinical play therapist, parent educator, play advocate and consultant.

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Who is it for?

Mental health professionals – counsellors, psychologists, social workers,OTS, play therapists, nurses and more.

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What You'll Learn


Explore the theory of Interpersonal Neurobiology

Learn about how our own nervous systems and life experiences effect and wire those of others around us. Understand why it is so important to resource your own nervous system when working with clients for sustainable practice and to aid and expand your client’s regulation.


Understand regulation, trauma and nervous system responses 

Explore the brain and trauma, toxic stress, behaviour as a symptom of nervous system response to stress.  Learn about your client’s survival patterns of flight, fight, freeze, flop and faint and how they manifest in their lives. 


Learn about Polyvagal theory and the potential of mirror neurons

Be introduced to Polyvagal theory – the theory of the human nervous system and understand how this relates to the window of tolerance and behavioural patterns in your clients.


Understand the neurobiology of play and why play is the way!

Explore the vital role that Child Centred Play therapy and other creative approaches can bring to improving regulation in your client, aiding trauma processing, growing healthy brain systems and social relationships and supporting a client’s self esteem and resilience. 

“Thank you, loved this session so much. You have given some enormously powerful information and knowledge to take away.”
Course Participant