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Kids Calm Brains Mini Course for Children

Calm Brains Macbook

Designed for Children

Self-Paced Course

Short Description

Our Kids Calm Brains Mini Series is a practical video course specifically for kids and their caregivers where we share lots of practical games and ideas for staying calm and regulating our emotions.

We are teaching kids movement ideas for calming their brain and body, breathing games to help them stay calm and mindful movements for regulation.

We will speak all about different ways to help our children to regulate and manage their emotions by using breathing techniques, movement games, and relaxation techniques, in addition to teaching children about their guard dog and their wise owl brains!

What’s inside?

  • Self-paced practical mini video course 
  • Activity manual

The course also comes with downloadable manuals and printable activities to do at home.

Who is it for?

Children to teach them about looking after their brains and practicing tools for managing stress, anxiety and big emotions, parents to learn along with their children so the whole family can benefit, for teachers to learn practical tools to build regulated classrooms and for therapists to help build regulation skills in their younger clients.

Award Winning Instructors

What You'll Learn


Regulation tools to help children manage big emotions, anxiety and stress


Breathing techniques to activate the relaxation response and shift stress states


Ways for children to understand their own brain and behaviour responses


Why moving the body is so important for managing stress and anxiety


Mindful tools and strategies that can grow resilient brains


Practical tools to help the children in your care

“Loved it all. Very informative and backed with evidence based research. Current, fun and engaging. Excellent presenter! Thank you.”
Course Participant