Mindful Mummies Online Self-Guided Course


6-Week Program

Access to Support Group

Short Description

This is a 6-week online self guided course that includes information on:

  • The power of practicing mindfulness in our daily lives

  • Training our brain for calm and kindness

  • Building our own capacity to manage our stress

  • Understanding how mindfulness helps us manage our stress and triggers

  • Understanding how mindfulness helps regulate our nervous system and expand our window of tolerance

  • Explore how mindfulness physically changes our brain, behaviour and transforms our relationships (with ourselves and others)

The course will involve lots of practical tips, resources and mindfulness meditations.

What’s inside?

  • Practical tips
  • Resources
  • Mindfulness meditations

Who is it for?

Suitable for parents who want to learn the power of practicing mindfulness in their daily lives.


What You'll Learn


How to practice mindfulness in your daily life

You’ll learn tips and methods of incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine with little extra effort or time.


What are the benefits of mindfulness 

These include a reduction in emotional reactivity, improved relationship satisfaction, and increased insight. Learn the science of mindfulness and how mindfulness grows more regulated, compassionate, emotionally intelligent brains.


How to build your own capacity to managing stress

You will be provided with stress-management practices and learn from meditations how practicing mindfulness can help increase your capacity to manage stress.

“Training was really practical with theory behind it. Really good balance.”
Course Participant
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