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Mindfulness and Self Care – Hold Yourself to Hold Your Client

Mindfulness and Self Care for Mental Health Professionals by Building Better Brains Australia

6-Week Self-Directed Online Training

Live Workshops

Short Description

Developing our own mindfulness and self care practice is essential for preventing professional burnout and vicarious trauma.  As therapists we are the physiological anchors for our clients and in order to effectively do this work, we need to grow ourselves first!  

That means examine our own histories, reparent ourselves, meet our unmet needs and learn how to model self care to our clients through practicing daily mindful moments for growing healthy well integrated brains, enhanced empathy and stronger regulation skills.

What’s inside?

This training is packed full of ways to help us ground ourselves during sessions and throughout the day, personal reflection opportunities to grow our own capacity to ‘be with’ and practical mindfulness and self care techniques to help make our practice more sustainable, present and enjoyable.

This workshop is available as a 6-week self directed online training plus activity manual.

A Certificate is available upon completion.

Presented by Sian Chambers-Vallance, Clinical play therapist, parent educator, play advocate and consultant.

Who is it for?

Mental health professionals – counsellors, psychologists, social workers,OTS, play therapists, nurses and more.

Award Winning Instructors
500+ Enrolled Participants

What You'll Learn


Learn about professional burnout and vicarious trauma

Explore the wraning signs of stress and learn practical tools and strategies for supporting yourself each day.


Understand what grounding is and how it can help us stay present and processing during sessions

Explore practical tools for regulating and grounding yourself whilst you are with clients so that you can protect and resource your own nervous system.


Understand the role your nervous system plays in your behaviour

Explore practical tools and mindful practices to resource and regulate your own nervous system daily.


Understand the practicae of Mindfulness and how it is an essential part of professional self care

Learn practical evidenced based somatic tools that you can easily incorporate in your daily routines or between clients.

Tools include: somatic breathing techniques, guided meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, yoga poses to nourish the nervous system, eye movement releases, exercises for brain balance, therapeutic stretch and release, and mind mantras. 


Create a personal plan for self care success

Using the mindful tools and strategies we have practiced over the course, create our own personal self care and resource plan to aid sustainability and professional practice.

“I really really enjoyed the training and found it a great reminder about grounding ourselves as the anchor! It’s always obviously part of our job having to ‘be’ that, but it does need nurturing in itself which I think the training did well.”
Course Participant