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Neuroplay Early Intervention and Support Program

Neuroplay Early Intervention and Support Program by Building Better Brains Australia

10-Week Program

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Short Description

The Neuroplay Early Intervention Family Play Therapy Program is a structured program for parents to use with their children (For babies – children 5 years old) or for mental health professionals to use with their clients.

This program combines the latest techniques and science from Theraplay, the Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics, Child centred play therapy, Family Play Therapy, Creative arts therapy and Mindfulness and explains their effectiveness based on neuroscience, child development and the effects of trauma.

This is a complete downloadable Neuroplay manual in three sections – including understanding the scientific basis of the program and activities, Full Neuroplay Early Intervention program manual with links to all resources, music etc and an accompanying Neuroplay Resources Manual with lots of easy to follow sensory and musical play recipes and ideas.  

The Neuroplay Early Intervention Family Play Therapy Program offers a comprehensive ready to use package including:

  1. The Neuroscience of Neuroplay Play Therapy Booklet – which covers the scientific basis of the program and therapeutic activities;
  2. Neuroplay Early Intervention Play Therapy program manual with a detailed 10 week therapy program (including extra activities and variations), links to music used and resources; 
  3. Neuroplay Resources Manual with lots of easy to follow sensory play receipes to use in the structured program, song lyrics, music and resources lists, and musical play ideas.  

What’s inside?

These structured sessions include:

  • Rhythmic regulation work (to buffer against stress and build a healthy nervous system) using drumming, clapping, rocking, bouncing, swinging, dancing, etc.;
  • Instruments, singing, rhymes, and music making;
  • Simple props to engage the senses and brain in play, self-expression, and learning;
  • Activities focused on serve and return interactions which form the basis of healthy functioning brains and language development;
  • Nurture activities which provide opportunities to be mindful, present, and enhance attunement between parent and child;
  • Games, dancing, and movement activities;
  • Activities to help build healthy brains using cross patterning, brain integration, listening games, and exercises;
  • Sensory regulation and kinaesthetic play emersion experiences;
  • Opportunities to enhance the secure attachment relationship between parent and child;
  • And lots of fun, PLAY, positive touch, and giggles! 

Who is it for?

The Neuroplay Early Intervention Family Play Therapy program is essential for parents looking to strengthen the parent-child relationship; aid trauma recovery, build regulation capacity, aid anxiety, support externalised behavioural symptoms and meltdowns, and help establish a secure attachment which is the basis of strong mental health.

This comprehensive ready to go, structured program is also perfect for mental health professionals helping to support secure attachment, regulation, safety and connection in their parent and child clients. 

Amazing Value

The same therapeutic program normally costs $1450 for Sian to deliver in-person but so more people can benefit from strengthening the relationships in their family, we are offering the full Neuroplay Early Intervention Family Play Therapy package for only $297! 

Award Winning Instructors

What You'll Learn


Healthy Brain Strategies

Learn healthy brain strategies using play, sensory immersion, music, movement and serve and return activities.


Strengthen the Parent – Child Relationship

Strengthen the felt sense of safety for parent and child (particularly when there has been early trauma or toxic stress experiences in pregnancy or the early years that may be affecting regulation).


Activities to Aid Healthy Development in Your Child

Build healthy neural wiring in the lower brain regions of brainstem and limbic systems which are the basis of higher order skills, pro social skill development and a more integrated brain system through cross patterning activities.


Interactive Strategies – Interactive, Practical Play-Based Therapeutic Strategies

Learn how to use powerful playful therapeutic interactions to help deal with power struggles, difficulty during transitions, anxiety and tantrums.

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