Graduate Growth Coaching Programs

Graduate Growth Coaching Programs by Building Better Brains Australia

5 Hours of Training

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“I never wanted to teach when I left school, no way! I became a teacher ten years after leaving school when I discovered a love for helping others to learn in a way that suited them as individuals. Over the last fifteen years I have learned that teaching is about three things, relationships, relationships and relationships.” 

Tony Vallance, Australian Education Awards Teacher of the Year (2019)

Short Description

Want to discover how to sustainably teach with passion, power and purpose? Would you like to learn practical techniques and high impact teaching strategies that can transform your classrooms and career?

I will share my tricks for filtering through ‘busy work’ not related to the core business of teaching. I will show you how to grow your personal and professional capacity to teach with confidence, compassion and courage. You will learn how to access your pedagogical power animal by tapping into your key areas of passion. Find out how to  lead your students from behind and establish a strong rapport that will turn a draining class into a sustaining class.

What’s inside?

Take your job from career to calling and make this amazing vocation the best it can be! 

  • Learn how to summarise your unique skills and tailor your techniques directly to your students

  • Learn practical techniques to establish rapport and promote connection before correction.

  • Learn how to deal with professional pressure in a sustainable way.

  • Learn how to fill your cup and prioritise personal capacity growth from a personal before professional perspective.

  • Gain knowledge of student brain and behaviour so you can increase your empathy and solidify your student connection.

  • Learn how to harness the power of role differentiated collaborative learning so your students can take ownership of their learning as you become a leader from behind.

  • Learn how to deal with challenging students with practical, proven techniques that will serve to de-escalate, re-engage and motivate them.

  • Learn the power of honesty and vulnerability so you can take the teacher’s mask off and be the real you with students so they can be the real them.

Who is it for?

Teachers in their first years  of teaching whom are looking to define themselves as educators that can make the maximum impact possible on their students in a fulfilling and sustainable way. 

A Training Certificate will be available upon completion.

Award Winning Instructors
“Thank you Tony & Sian! We found that session very helpful and practical and we feel encouraged to incorporate these strategies. Excellent articulation of information and the sharing of real life experiences is always powerful.”
Course Participant