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Re-Connect Family Play Therapy

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6-Week Program

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Short Description

This program combines the latest techniques from Theraplay, social skills training, Child centred play therapy, Family Play Therapy, Art therapy, Creative arts therapy and Mindfulness and explains their effectiveness based on neuroscience, child development and trauma.

The program includes information on:

  • Using sensory exploration activities to reduce stress and aid family connection
  • Ways to increase the family fun factor
  • Understanding the neurobiology of play and why this is essential to successful parenting
  • Understanding why connection before correction is key to a thriving relationship
  • Learning how to bring more calm to your chaos and laughter to your home

What’s inside?

The complete downloadable Reconnect Family Play Therapy Program Manual with lots of easy to follow structured therapeutic activities to strengthen and heal your family relationships.

Who is it for?

Suitable for families with children who may struggle with attachment and relationship challenges, behavioural and self regulation issues, children born preterm, or who experienced early hospitalisations, medical trauma and separations, for adopted or foster children, for children with Autism and ADHD, or for families where there has been periods of prolonged stress, anxiety, or trauma.

Award Winning Instructors

What You'll Learn


How to Build a Healthy Connection with Your Child 

Understanding how to build emotional intelligence, increase regulation and communication skills, strengthen your relationships and grow healthy brains in your children.


Understand Challenging Behaviours 

Explore how to interpret the need behind challenging behaviours, and learn practical techniques and tools in how to regulate them.


Learn to Use Tools That Work

Learn how to use evidenced based family attachment games, creative arts processing, mindfulness techniques, therapeutic play activities and interactions to enhance family relationships & reduce challenging behaviours. 

“Training was really practical with theory behind it. Really good balance.”
Course Participant