Resource and Guide Books for Parents

This resource book combines all the exercises we discussed in our learning from home mini-series, with all the tips, tricks, and scripts discussed in the live videos.

This activity book combines all the exercises we discussed in our kids calm brain mini-series. This includes colouring sheets, worksheets, and step by step guides.

This resource book combines all the exercises, worksheets, and step-by-step guides discussed in our Facebook mini-series for parents!

In our power of play information book we have compiled more detailed information on the importance of play, along with unseen tips and tricks on how to incorporate more play into your busy lives.
This self-care activity planner is for you to go through and fill in to make sure you are taking out time each day for your own self-care.

Resources for Teachers

This is a activity manual for teachers with tips and activities to use in the classroom. It includes activities, worksheets, and step by step guides on activities for the classroom to encourage connection and reflection!

Worksheets for Kids (and Parents!)

This exercise encourages you to think about the things in your life, or in yourself that you can control and the things that you cannot control.

Write or draw the things you can control in the middle of the circle and the things you cannot control outside of the circle.

This exercise is to remind you of all the things, places, people, and experiences that you are grateful to have, and that help you to feel happy and positive.

Draw or write all your gratitudes in your jar!

Imagine you have a magic wand and could wish for anything you wanted. What would you wish for?

Use this activity to think about and understand what you want at the present moment that would bring you joy and resolution.

This exercise is for you and your children to sit down and reflect on how you are doing at the present moment. Think about each prompt and fill them in.

Use this exercise to help your children focus on the positives! This exercise encourages children to write down all the positive things about their life (and there’s no reason you can’t do this exercise too!).

The objective of this art therapy intervention is to allow us to develop vocabulary and identification of feelings to promote healthy expression of emotion and build emotional intelligence. This exercise also serves as an open-ended question about how we view our world at the moment.

Free Courses

Learn how to establish a great rapport with your students, find your personal power to teach with confidence without the ‘teacher’s mask’ and create classes that sustain you rather than drain you.

We will show you hands on pedagogical techniques that empower students to grow.

In this introductory course for parents, we will explore some playful activities you can share with your child so that you can connect with them in a meaningful and deeper way…to truly refill both your connection cups. We will also look at the science of play and why it is so essential for managing behaviour, and building healthy brains, thriving families and relationships.

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