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The Brain and Behaviour Super Skills Toolbox 

for Primary School Students

Superskills Macbook

15-module structured class program

Includes student manual, class activities and educational videos

Designed by dynamic duo Tony Vallance, Australian Education Awards, Teacher of the Year (2019) and Sian Chambers-Vallance, Creative Counsellor, Consultant and Clinical Play Therapist.

Short Description

The Superskills Toolbox is designed to support your students with a broad range of age appropriate mental health issues facing them today and help empower your students to understand their own brain, behaviour and coping strategies available.

The Superskills Toolbox is designed to be easy to use by teachers and features fifteen core video modules and a practical reflection, team-based activities, and student manual. The accompanying student manual is available in pdf or editable pdf versions and collaborative tasks are to be completed by students after each module during class time.

This on-demand, self paced, fully downloadable student centred program is an essential informative, collaborative and practical toolbox for all secondary students to help them deal with a broad range of age appropriate and mental health issues facing them today.

What’s inside?

15 video modules with accompanying downloadable class activities and reflections.

  • Over 4 hours of downloadable videos for each learning module
  • Downloadable student manuals (editable and printable versions)
  • Downloadable slides to accompany the training

Topics covered include:

Module 1 – Lifting the Lid on Your Brain
Module 2 – A Brain’s Best Friend? Meet Your Guard Dog
Module 3 – Meet Your Wise Owl, Calm Your Guard Dog
Module 4 – All of the Feels
Module 5 – In the Zone…of Regulation
Module 6 – Trauma and Toxic Stress
Module 7 – Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Module 8 – Anxiety and Stress
Module 9 – Taming Your Tiger
Module 10 – Depression and Overwhelm
Module 11 – Stress Less, Mindfulness and Grounding Yourself
Module 12 – Express Yourself, Fun, Play and Creativity
Module 13 – Move it or Lose it: Regulation, Rhythm and Movement
Module 14 – Creating Healthy Boundaries and Positive Mental Habits
Module 15 – Self Care for Healthy, Happy Brains



This program links with ACARA Personal and Social Capabilities around the areas of Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social-Awareness, Social Management.

On demand webinars and the Student Super Skills Classroom Program can be purchased individually or as part of the Trauma Smart Schools package.

Award Winning Instructors
500+ Enrolled Participants

What You'll Learn


Brain and Behaviour

Students will learn and understand the basics of brain and behaviour, and recognise behaviour as a symptom of what is happening in the brain and nervous system.


Trauma and Toxic Stress

Students will learn about the effects of trauma and toxic stress on their behaviour and emotions, and explore practical tools and strategies to help them resource and integrate these challenging experiences. 


Reframing Anxiety

Students will learns to cope with anxiety and life pressures in a more positive way.


Increased Academic Confidence

Students will learn to succeed with more confidence in their academic undertakings.


Coping Skills and Resourcing Strategies

Students will learn essential coping skills and resourcing strategies to help them deal more proactively with symptoms of anxiety, stress, and anger.

"Thank you Tony & Sian! We found that session very helpful and practical and we feel encouraged to incorporate some of these strategies. Excellent articulation of information and the sharing of real life experiences is always powerful.”
Training Participant