Supporting Our Community

Growing up with a severely disabled brother profoundly shaped the heart and soul of our founder, Sian. Through the daily struggles, relentless perseverance, and immense family sacrifices, she learned firsthand the true essence of compassion and the power of community support. Witnessing her brother’s challenges ignited a fire within her, a burning desire to create a haven where individuals facing similar battles could find solace, hope and strength.

Driven by her experiences, Sian envisioned more than just a place of aid; she dreamed of a sanctuary brimming with light and hope, a refuge where every person, regardless of their circumstances, could find belonging and understanding. Her vision transcends mere assistance; it’s about fostering a culture of acceptance, where every voice, especially those often silenced, is heard and valued.

In her mission to build these communities of support, Sian infuses every aspect with empathy and love. She believes in the transformative power of creative expression, the healing potential of positive relationships, and the profound impact of trauma-informed, neuroaffirming care. Her work isn’t just about making a difference; it’s about igniting a spark of hope that ripples through generations, leaving a legacy of compassion, growth and change in its wake.

At Building Better Brains, our mission is not just a statement — it’s a heartfelt commitment to changing lives, one mind at a time. We believe fervently in the transformative power of education and mental health support, recognizing them as the cornerstone for breaking cycles of struggle, nurturing healthier communities, and fostering the growth of resilient minds.

In our journey, we’ve come to understand that true change starts with individual empowerment and family support, coupled with a relentless pursuit of systemic reform. These are the keys we hold dear, the keys that unlock doors to brighter futures and a better world for generations to come. Together, we stand as guardians of hope, architects of progress. Together we can!

Empowering our dedicated team lies at the heart of our ethos. We provide them with not just support, but with ongoing clinical supervision, training, and team-building opportunities. It’s our unwavering belief that by investing in their growth, we amplify our capacity to provide unparalleled support and care to those who rely on us.

We also proudly extend our hands to uplift our community locally, nationally, and globally. Whether it’s participating in charity events, supporting organizations like Lifeline through initiatives like Paddle across the Bay, or hosting joyous celebrations with free children’s entertainment and more, we’re determined to leave a lasting impact on the world around us.

We proudly champion organizations that share our vision, organizations like Kids Helpline, World Vision, Oxfam, and the Australian Early Childhood Foundation. Their tireless efforts mirror our own, and we urge you to join us in supporting them in their noble endeavors.

Community partnerships are the bedrock of our work. We collaborate closely with organizations such as EACH, Anglicare, Orange Door, Brophy, Packta, Windermere, Frvee, Yarra Ranges Council, Stonnington Council, Maroondah Council and Uniting, pooling our resources and expertise to serve those in need with compassion and dignity.

Additionally, we extend our support to schools, businesses, and community organizations by assisting them in accessing funding opportunities. This enables us to offer discounted training and workshops aimed at fostering systemic change and aiding them in better supporting the children under their care. Our comprehensive training programs encompass a wide array of topics, including Understanding Brain and Behavior, Cultivating Connected and Regulated Classrooms, Sustainable Teaching Practices, Neuro-Affirming Techniques, Trauma-Informed Approaches, Initiating Make a Difference Projects, our acclaimed Nurture Groups Training Program, and the transformative Play is The Way curriculum, which delves into Interpersonal Neurobiology and harnesses the Power of We.

In our pursuit of knowledge and progress, we open our doors to students and researchers alike, offering mentorship programs, free clinic space, and research partnerships with esteemed institutions like Deakin, Torens, MIECAT, Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors, Swinburne and Melbourne Uni. It’s through these collaborations that we sow the seeds of innovation and change.

But perhaps most importantly, we stand shoulder to shoulder with families, allied health professionals, and educators, offering a plethora of supports ranging from free online training videos, resources and support group, free on demand support series for parents and teachers, to subsidized therapy sessions, free and minimal cost Creative arts programs for carers, and support groups. Together, we strive to nurture a generation of resilient, compassionate individuals.

At Building Better Brains, our purpose echoes the words of Sian’s late father, Eric Bottomley (OAM): “Aim each day to leave the world better than you found it.” It’s a mantra we live and breathe, a guiding light that illuminates our path forward as we continue our journey of making a difference, one brain at a time. Together we can build better brains!