“Hey Sian & Tony! A massive thank you for all your work & time & resources. And to have them all accessible in one place, in your last email is awesome – very handy to go back when needed and look/listen over again. These resources have not only been helpful for me, personally (and my family), but I’ve been sharing them with my clients and encouraging them to join your fb pages for further information & resources.”

“Thank you, loved this session so much. You have given some enormously powerful information and knowledge to take away. You are such a great power team, well done and thank you for sharing.”

“Thanks Tony & Sian, the sessions have been fantastic. My daughter walked past as I was watching and said, “hey that’s my teacher”! She also added that he’s one of her favourites. Thanks for so many great ideas.”

“Thank you Tony & Sian!  We found that session very helpful and practical and we feel encouraged to incorporate some of these strategies.  Excellent articulation of information and the sharing of real life experiences is always powerful.”

“Thank you for sharing all this fabulous information. Tony, my son is in one of your classes and loves you. He has mentioned that you have shared your experiences with him to help him with his own.”

“Thanks Sian and Tony for the great presentation”

 “I thought it was fantastic! She was so knowledgeable and I love the fact she presented her PD with the evidence based research and findings to support the theory and practice of Nurture Groups. It just strengthens the motivation and highlights the need to have these groups even more in our schools. Especially for those who really need it. It’s all about creating positive relationships too!! Which I what I truly believe is the most important factor.”

“I loved it! I found it very interesting (and confronting for personal reasons). I really want to see changes in schools and to be able to help as many kids (and adults) with trying to navigate learning and life. I really learnt a lot and am looking forward to learning more and seeing how the program goes once implemented.”

“I really really enjoyed it and found it a great reminder about grounding ourselves as the anchor! It’s always obviously part of our job having to ‘be’ that, but it does need nurturing in itself which I think the training did well.”

“Training was fantastic. Very inspiring. I am looking forward to watching the impact of these groups on class dynamics and teacher student relationships.”

“Her knowledge gained while delivering in excess of 25 years of classes and workshops in schools, kinders, and private groups – working with children and families to enhance self-esteem, self-expression, attachment and relationship building through creative arts activities (music, drama, yoga and mindfulness) – has been invaluable to our organisation”

“Training was really practical with theory behind it. Really good balance.”

“Loved it all. Very informative and backed with evidence based research. Current, fun and engaging. Excellent presenter! Thankyou.”

“Loved the passion, knowledge and shared experiences!”

“Thanks so much. Your talks have been really helpful”