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Therapeutic Group Programs For Children

Building Blocks Therapeutic Lego Group

Building Blocks Therapeutic Lego Group

When it comes to creativity, collaboration and critical thinking, Lego is one of the best tools available. Building Blocks is a hands on Therapeutic Lego Group with a focus on fun, team work, creativity and problem solving. Facilitated by Therapist and renowned educator Tony Vallance ( Australian Educator Awards, Teacher of the Year 2019), this course is a great way to grow pro social, fine motor and causative thinking skills in kids.

Tuesdays 5:15pm and Wednesdays 4:15pm

Ages: 6-10

Therapeutic goals: using directive and non directive play, collaborative goals around pro social skill development, critical thinking and fine motor skills are worked on in these sessions.

Find Your Tribe – Therapeutic Role Play Group (Junior)

Therapeutic Goals: These sessions are targeted at skill growth in pro-social skills, critical thinking, communication, creativity, and collaborative problem-solving.

Dive into the world of tabletop role-playing games, and learn to play games such as Dungeons and Dragons. Players will work in a team to vanquish mighty monsters and solve intriguing puzzles in a world full of magic and mystery. The group encourages participants to develop real-world social, communication, and creative problem-solving skills in a safe and structured environment through teamwork, role-play, and imagination. Let’s roll some dice!

Ages: 7-12 years

Express Yourself with Drama

Express Yourself – Therapeutic Drama and Social Skills Group

The structure of the Therapeutic Drama and Social Skills Group incorporates physical, postural, vocal and breathing warm-ups, group team building and trust enhancing activities, scene work, improvisation (solo and group), scriptwriting, movement, mime, directing skills, self scripted pieces, relaxation and concentration exercises.

Wednesdays 5:15pm

Ages: 5-9 years, 9-12 years

Glow Bugs Child Yoga

Glow Bugs Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Group for Primary Children

Through stories, songs, creativity, awesome props, the rainbow parachute, a giant breathing ball, feathers, bubbles, music, dress ups and games, kids will be introduced to fun yoga poses, breathing exercises, self-expression activities & mindfulness. Classes will include partner yoga, dance and movement, stories, group work, art, guided imagery, mindfulness, relaxation, and lots of laughter!!!

Ages: 5-9 years

Express for Success – Art for Anxiety and Self Esteem

In this group, participants will have the opportunity to get to know themselves better and improve their confidence and self-expression. This will be done through social team-building and trust-enhancing activities, relaxation and concentration exercises, and self-reflection and personal-understanding activities. The group will provide space for multi-sensory exploration that engages mind, body, and emotions to explore and convey thoughts and information in a creative form using techniques such as collage, painting, drawing, watercolour, mask making and art construction.

Ages: 9-14 years

Musical Connections Therapeutic Group

Come and join our music for wellbeing circle, where music and sound allow us to create a new and exciting synergy. Find your creative rhythm and voice and feel the joy of building improvised music. Explore different instruments including hand percussion, drums, and the ukulele. Learn songs for wellbeing and rhythmic games that deepen our communication and freedom of self-expression through music. This group offers an empowering opportunity for children to find their voice through music, songwriting, singing and drumming!

Ages: 9-14 years

Geeks and Gamers Social Skills Squad

Get ready to squad up all you geeks and gamers!

This is a social skills group with a difference where you can share your passions with your squad – featuring all your favourite characters, themes, games, art making, activities, and conversations about Minecraft, Star Wars, Roblox, Fortnite, Pokemon etc. Enjoy hands on, collaborative, creative, and team-building challenges, and have lots of fun along the way!

Wednesdays 4:15pm and 5:15pm

Ages: 7-12 years

HEART BEATS for Babies – Baby/Parent Therapeutic Nurture Group

For babies aged 0-2 years old and their caregivers.

These programs are imaginative, musical, and sensory play programs that support infants and their caregivers to foster positive connections and attachment within a small group therapeutic setting. The programs include a range of fun and developmentally stimulating activities e.g. storytelling, sensory and messy play, songs, musical instruments, puppets, rhyme, and dance.

HEART BEATS for Toddlers – Toddler/Parent Therapeutic Nurture Group

For children aged 2-5 years old and their caregivers.

These programs are imaginative, musical, and sensory play programs that support infants and their caregivers to foster positive connections and attachment within a small group therapeutic setting. The programs include a range of fun and developmentally stimulating activities e.g. storytelling, sensory and messy play, songs, musical instruments, puppets, rhyme, and dance.

Prep for Prep – Super Skills for School Readiness

Prep for Prep is a therapeutic small group program where children will be inspired to build on their strengths and interests to develop their pro-social, emotional regulation, physical, and communication skills. Building a foundation in these skills will help support their readiness to learn and thrive when starting school.

Move & Groove Therapeutic Movement Group

This is a small therapeutic dance group for preschool age children that incorporates free movement, storytelling dance play, exercise, music, rhythm, visualisation and relaxation. Different themes, open ended props and visualisation are utilised to help spark imagination, channel energy and express thoughts and feelings. Move & Groove inspires fun and playfulness in a creative, safe and supportive environment.

Super Sensory Scientist Club Therapeutic Group

Our Super Sensory Scientist Club is a social skills program specifically designed for primary school children who love sensory science exploration – slime making, power potions, fizzy volcanoes, lava lamps, calm brain jars, dancing obelisk, elephant toothpaste, and many more hands-on engaging activities. Build pro-social skills, communication and confidence, collaborative teamwork, problem solving, and resilient thinking skills in a creative, therapeutic small group environment.

Drama, Dance, and Circus Fun Therapeutic Group

Roll up, roll up, roll up…Designed to nurture emotional wellbeing, self-expression, and confidence, this program offers a safe and fun-filled environment for children to explore their emotions, build pro-social skills, confidence, communication, and discover their inner entertainer. Using theatrical play, and dance, children can learn new ways to express themselves, share their thoughts and ideas, and get in touch with their own feelings. In circus play, the children explore their physical strengths and balance, incorporating fine and gross motor skills, and in working together as a team, we take the seriousness out of life and experience the fun and light-hearted side of clowning around, juggling, and more! In this social skills therapeutic program, imagination comes to life through the magical blend of drama, dance, and circus activities!

Mondays 4:15pm

Art In Motion Therapeutic Group

Create worlds of adventure with art, stories, mindful yoga, and sound explorations. Let your imagination go wild as we connect and collaborate on creative new theme-based art projects each week, upcycling, building, glueing, painting, colouring, layering, and a whole lot more! Bringing our art to life, we incorporate Yoga games and creative movement and mindful practices to build collaborative play experiences and practice regulation, teamwork, and pro-social skill development.

Tuesdays 4:15pm and Saturdays 9:00am

Exploding Science Therapeutic Group

In this group, we enter the Building Better Brains laboratory and the world of science! Our program combines the excitement of hands-on science experiments with the power of teamwork to create a unique and transformative experience for young minds. Children will embark on a thrilling journey of discovery, exploration, and self-expression. Through engaging experiments, innovative creations, and collaborative activities, they not only learn about the wonders of science but also develop essential social, emotional, and communication skills. Join us as we discover the power of science, inquiry, friendship, and personal growth in this fun group designed to inspire young scientists and nurture their emotional well-being. Let’s create and learn together!

Science, Play, and Magic Therapeutic Group

Welcome to our enchanting primary school group program where science meets magic! Step into a world of wonder as we blend the excitement of scientific exploration with the fun of stories and magic. This program sparks curiosity, nurtures imagination, promotes social-emotional development, and cause-and-effect scientific exploration. From creating potions that fizz and change colours to exploring magnets and more, every session is filled with laughter, amazement, and valuable learning experiences. Through this magical blend of science and wonder, children develop important cognitive, regulation, and social skills while building self-confidence and a growing love for curiosity and problem solving. Join us on this adventure where we explore science and magic together, unlocking endless possibilities and discovering the joy of science!

Saturdays 10:00am