Therapeutic play techniques for educators to build regulation and connection

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90-Minute Workshop


Enhance your teaching toolkit with our engaging workshop, “Therapeutic Play Techniques for Educators to Build Regulation and Connection,” presented by award-winning educators and therapists. This workshop is designed to equip educators with practical, therapeutic play techniques that promote emotional regulation and foster meaningful connections in the classroom.

In this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Understand Therapeutic Play: Discover the principles and benefits of therapeutic play and how it supports emotional regulation and social connection among students.
  • Learn Effective Techniques: Explore a variety of evidence-based play techniques that help students manage their emotions and build positive relationships.
  • Implement Practical Tools: Acquire actionable strategies and tools that can be easily integrated into your daily teaching practices to create a supportive and connected classroom environment.
  • Inspiring Success Stories: Hear from award-winning educators and therapists who have successfully used therapeutic play techniques to enhance student well-being and classroom dynamics.

By attending, you’ll benefit from:

  • Expert Guidance: Gain insights and techniques from leading professionals recognized for their excellence in education and child therapy.
  • Research-Backed Strategies: Stay informed with the latest research and best practices in therapeutic play to ensure your methods are effective and current.
  • Community Support: Connect with a network of like-minded educators who are committed to using therapeutic play to build regulation and connection in their classrooms.

Whether you are a new teacher seeking innovative strategies or an experienced educator looking to enhance your practice, this workshop will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and inspiration to make a positive impact on your students’ emotional and social well-being.

Join us for this impactful and practical workshop. Reserve your spot now and transform your classroom with “Therapeutic Play Techniques for Educators to Build Regulation and Connection”!