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2,4,6,8 This is How We Regulate!

2,4,6,8 This is how we regulate by Building Better Brains Australia

90-Minute Webinar

2 Presenters

Short Description

Our ability to regulate our nervous system and manage stress forms the basis of
our daily functioning and sets up patterns of behaviour, emotions and thoughts.
In this evidenced based workshop, we cover the science of regulation and teach
practical tools and strategies that you can start using with yourselves and your
children to help improve behaviour, emotional functioning, strengthen
relationships, promote positive mental health and resiliency.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn practical tools to help deescalate family tensions;
  • Learn how to effectively co-regulate your children’s emotions and behaviour;
  • Explore evidenced based techniques for managing stress, anxiety, overwhelm that drive other behavioural symptoms;
  • Learn why the body and nervous system are key to managing stress and your window of tolerance;
  • Learn how to work with your child, using creative arts tools and therapeutic printables to help them process, integrate and reflect on their stresses, traumas and life experiences;
  • Learn tools and techniques to help build resilient brains and emotional intelligence in your children.
Award Winning Instructors
“Training was really practical with theory behind it. Really good balance.”
Course Participant