Trauma Smart Schools – Live Parent Workshop

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90-Minute Workshop


What are Trauma Smart Schools?

Trauma SMART schools are student-centred and recognise that emotional intelligence and social-emotional skills are the foundation for improved academic outcomes and resiliency. Evidence shows that if a brain has been affected by early trauma or prolonged stress, particularly during the sensitive periods of development, the wiring of the brain and nervous system can be affected. This faulty wiring of the lower subcortical parts of the brain drives behaviour, the ability to navigate relationships, the ability to learn and remember, the ability to focus and pay attention, responses to stress, and self-concept.

Building Better Brains Australia’s Trauma Smart Schools Program aims to change these statistics through evidenced-based education and a toolbox of support strategies for the entire school community – teachers, parents, and the children themselves.

The program will cover essential neuroscience and provide practical classroom, home, and personal strategies to help your school build a sustainable, trauma-informed community.

Demystifying Brain, Behaviour, and Trauma

Learn how stress and trauma impact brain and behaviour, regulation capacity, and relationships. Explore practical ideas that can help restore regulation, calm, safety, and connection to your family and help process traumatic events. This workshop will be delivered LIVE online in an evening session so that it is most accessible to your parent/caregiver community.