Waiting List – Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy with Psious.

About The Virtual Reality Immersion Therapy with Psious.

This revolutionary approach safely immerses clients in varying environments that help them to grow their skills and strategies which can be used in their lives outside of the therapeutic space. It uses biofeedback to track how they are responding to situations so they get a measurable outcome on their success as they grow in skills and strategies.
Tony has been using VR in education and wellbeing for more than five years and find Psious VR Therapy to be an amazing tool to help clients overcome issues with : Acrophobia, Addictive disorders, ADHD, Aerophobia, Agoraphobia, Amaxophobia, Bullying, Claustrophobia, Depression, Eating disorders, Generalised anxiety, Medical procedures, Mindfulness, Nyctophobia, OCD, Pain management, Public speaking, Relaxation, Sleep-wake disorders, Social anxiety, Somatic & related, Public speaking
Stress & Trauma, Zoophobia.