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Waiting List – Child Psychology

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About Child Psychology

Child Psychologists work with children who are dealing with mental or emotional difficulties such as aggression, trauma, attachment issues, anxiety, and/or grief. They also work with people who are going through challenges in life, like parenting or relationship problems.

Psychologists help people:

  • Understand where their difficulties come from and why they’re dealing with these difficulties now
  • Change the thoughts, behaviours and emotions that might be causing their difficulties
  • Find better ways of coping with their difficulties or managing parts of their lives.

Psychologists use various therapies and approaches to help people. They don’t prescribe medicines. Our psychologists work in a person-centred creative way to support their clients using modalities such as art therapy, drama therapy, drumming and clowning, mindfulness, play therapy, and parent-child family attachment work.

Suitable for children and teens.