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Waiting List – Drama, Dance, and Circus Fun Therapeutic Group

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About the Drama, Dance, and Circus Fun Therapeutic Group

Roll up, roll up, roll up…Designed to nurture emotional wellbeing, self-expression, and confidence, this program offers a safe and fun-filled environment for children to explore their emotions, build pro-social skills, confidence, communication, and discover their inner entertainer. Using theatrical play, and dance, children can learn new ways to express themselves, share their thoughts and ideas, and get in touch with their own feelings. In circus play, the children explore their physical strengths and balance, incorporating fine and gross motor skills, and in working together as a team, we take the seriousness out of life and experience the fun and light-hearted side of clowning around, juggling, and more! In this social skills therapeutic program, imagination comes to life through the magical blend of drama, dance, and circus activities!