Waiting List – Glow Bugs Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Group for Primary Children

About Glow Bugs Kids Yoga and Mindfulness Group for Primary Children

Through stories, songs, creativity, awesome props, the rainbow parachute, a giant breathing ball, feathers, bubbles, music, dress ups and games, kids will be introduced to fun yoga poses, breathing exercises, self-expression activities & mindfulness. Classes will include partner yoga, dance and movement, stories, group work, art, guided imagery, mindfulness, relaxation, and lots of laughter!!!

Yoga and Mindfulness help children:

  • Improve attention and emotional control, promote self-esteem and creative expression;
  • Learn emotional self-regulation to aid stress and anxiety behaviours;
  • Strengthen their parasympathetic nervous system (through breath, stillness, and relaxation);
  • Learn to identify and label their emotions and become tuned into their body states;
  • Improve strength, body awareness and flexibility of muscles;
  • Improve prosocial skills such as sharing, empathy, compassion, kindness and teamwork;
  • Integrate thoughts and emotions, balancing the frontal lobe (executive functions) with the hindbrain;
  • Integrate left and right brain and stimulates mirror neurons involved in connection and sense of belonging.

Ages: 5-9 years