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Waiting List – HEART BEATS for Babies

Baby/Parent Therapeutic Nurture Group

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About HEART BEATS for Babies

This group is for babies aged 0-2 years old and their caregivers.

Does your child need some extra help with social skills, communication, and regulation? Therapeutic groups focus on strengthening the attachment relationship with your child, and attunement, and have lots of practical therapeutic play activities to help build engagement and nurture your child’s self-esteem, resilience, and regulation. If life has thrown your child a challenging beginning, early intervention, PLAY, healthy relationships, and support are essential.

These programs are imaginative, musical, and sensory play programs that support infants and their caregivers to foster positive connections and attachment within a small group therapeutic setting. The programs include a range of fun and developmentally stimulating activities e.g. storytelling, sensory and messy play, songs, musical instruments, puppets, rhyme, and dance.

All groups are run by a social worker and primary school teacher working from a trauma-informed lens, with a focus on building strengths, regulation, and social connection.