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Waiting List – Mindful Mummies – Mindfulness, Self-Expression and Nurture

About Mindful Mummies

Self care support group involving mindfulness, self expression and therapeutic nurture activities to help refill your parenting cup and reconnect you to yourself again!

Are you feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and burnt out juggling the demands of meeting everyone else’s needs and having little energy left for you? You cannot continue to give on empty and this Essential Self care Mindful Mummies support group allows you to learn some practical tools that you can incorporate into your everyday busy life to help calm the chaos, support your nervous system, build your capacity and reconnect you to yourself (which is the greatest gift of all!).

In the 6 week in person small group program you will learn:

  • The power of practicing mindfulness in our daily lives;
  • Training our brain for calm and kindness;
  • How to build your own capacity to manage stress;
  • Become part of a essential support village of other mindful mummies;
  • Reconnect to ourselves through therapeutic creativity and self expression;
  • Reclaim yourself and your identity;
  • Understanding how mindfulness helps us manage our stress and triggers;
  • Understanding how mindfulness helps regulate our nervous system and expands our window of tolerance.

What’s included in the 6 week in person Mindful Mummies Support Program?

  • Nervous System Reset Mini Program Guide full of lots of practical, quick exercises to help ground, relax and reconnect you to yourself and manage parenting stress;
  • Practical Mindfulness meditations that you can incorporate into your daily practice at home;
  • Therapeutic art and creativity activities to aid reconnection to yourself and your own unique life path;
  • Mindful movement and breathing exercises for managing feelings of stress and overwhelm;
  • A sense of belonging to a village of like-minded supportive mindful women;
  • You’ll learn tips and methods of incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine with little extra effort or time;
  • Learn the science of mindfulness and how mindfulness grows more regulated, compassionate, emotionally intelligent brains.
Mindful Mummies