Waiting List – Nurture Groups

About Nurture Groups

Based on Theraplay group model. Groups focus on strengthening attachment relationship with your child, attunement and lots of practical therapeutic play activities to help build engagement, nurture, self esteem, resilience and regulation in your child. 

Ages: 2-4 years parent and child group

Therapeutic goals: nurture groups are fun filled supportive groups to strengthen the relationship between caregivers and their children. They combine evidenced based, Theraplay® principles, with sensory, musical and creative arts games and activities for children and caregivers with lots of practical therapeutic activities to practice at home. Suitable for children with early attachment issues, children born preterm, early hospitalizations and separation, adopted or foster children, autism, early developmental or birth trauma, where there is been high stress environments during the early years, or when caregivers have suffered from anxiety, depression or PND. 

Join our therapeutic nurture group to enhance the joy and connection with your child and help them build better brains and more regulated nervous systems! Evidence shows that early trauma and stress during peak periods of brain growth can affect the structure of the brain, behaviour and learning. If life has thrown you a challenging beginning, early intervention, healthy relationships and support are essential. Run by a clinical play therapist specialising in trauma and attachment, parent educator and mum who had her own challenging start to parenting.