Waiting List – Parent – Child Attachment Therapy (3-12 Years) – Based on Theraplay® Principles

About The Parent – Child Attachment Therapy

Attachment Therapy (based on Theraplay®) is an evidenced-based intervention using play to re-create experiences of secure attachment between parent and child. This is a short-term, highly structured therapy where the therapist guides the parent and child through playful games, challenging activities, and nurturing interactions. The therapy focuses on improving the child’s behavioural and emotional challenges through strengthening the parent-child attachment relationship and the child’s sense of self. Other therapies usually work with the child alone or work with supporting the parents to manage their child’s behaviours, however, Theraplay® has shown that the parent-child relationship is the most powerful element required for change.

Attachment-focused therapy has been used successfully to help: Children with developmental trauma, shy, withdrawn children, overactive, controlling or aggressive children, foster/adoptive children with attachment difficulties, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder & Pervasive Development Disorder.

Attachment Therapy