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Super Skills for School Readiness

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About Prep for Prep – Super Skills for School Readiness

For children aged 3 – 6 years old.

Prep for Prep is a therapeutic small group program where children will be inspired to build on their strengths and interests to develop their pro-social, emotional regulation, physical, and communication skills. Building a foundation in these skills will help support their readiness to learn and thrive when starting school.

Therapeutic goals:

  • Experience a combination of student-led therapeutic play and intentional teaching.
  • Enjoy a wide range of therapeutic activities including book discussions, music play, puppets, sensory play, small-world play, role play, games, and partner activities.
  • During these experiences they will be exposed to pre-reading, pre-writing, and numeracy learning opportunities and develop fine motor skills.
  • Throughout the program participants will be supported to explore emotions and regulation strategies while practicing communication and social skills needed to engage in small group discussions, partner work, and play with peers.

This group is run by a social worker and an primary school teacher.