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About The Somatic Psychology – Trauma Therapy

Using a trauma-informed approach we work from a whole brain based perspective. Once we understand the neuroscience and history of the brain, how it develops, why secure attachment relationships in childhood are so essential for healthy brain development, and how early trauma (including in utero, birth and sensitive periods of brain wiring) impact brain development, we can learn strategies to help manage our behavioural ‘symptoms.’

Modalities include Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Sandtray Therapy, Sensorimotor psychotherapy, Somatic regulation, Creative Arts Counselling and Trauma Sensitive Yoga that work with early traumas, sensations, and stresses that are stored predominately in the right and lower brain regions. We focus on building our resiliency and capacity in these symptoms, cultivating self-compassion, rediscovering the language of the body and using it to guide our healing, and creating our own sense of safety – within ourselves and with others.

Somatic Psychology
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