Wise Women Nurture Groups Facilitator Training Program 

Wise Women Nurture Group Facilitator Training Program

Self-Paced Online Training

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Do you want to help rebuild ‘the village’ in your community? Are you surrounded by women who are burnt out and exhausted from trying to do it all, have it all or be it all? Are you craving a nurturing safe creative space where women can come together to support each other in our journeys? 

Then this facilitator training program is for you.

Learn how to run Wise Women Nurture Groups in your community where you can host regular workshops and events and self care retreats.

What’s inside?

This comprehensive Wise Women Nurture Groups Facilitator training program is self paced online training program so it can be completed around your other commitments of family, work and study.

After completion you will be equipped with a toolbox of materials, resources, and workshops ready to deliver! The Facilitator training program also provides a ‘business in a box’ structure with how to guides, resources and templates covering advertising your workshops, pricing, building a brand, marketing techniques, building mailing lists, flyers, insurance, costs and considerations etc.

The Wise Women Nurture Groups Facilitator Training comes with:

  • 10 detailed workshop plans covering creative arts therapy activities and reflections, group connection and attachment exercises, rhythmic regulation exercises for providing brainstem regulation and nervous system support, mindfulness meditations and exercises for building healthy brains, and drama, movement and singing activities to help engage and nurture the whole brain and body.

  • Beginner’s guide to essential neuroscience manual so that you can learn the brain science behind the connection, creative and expression activities. 

  • Workbooks to use with participants who attend your sessions with ready to go reflections and activities for followup learning

  • Wise Women Nurture Groups Facilitator Training – Business in a Box Training manual with all your templates, booking sheets, marketing materials and resources ready to use straight away – templates are also available in editable word format so you can build your own brand.

Certificate of completion as an accredited Wise Women Nurture Groups Facilitator.

Options for undertaking individualized support mentor sessions or business building support packages with Building Better Brains Australia are also available. 

Presented by Sian Chambers-Vallance, Clinical play therapist, parent educator, play advocate and consultant.

Who is it for?

This training is for women who are interested in learning how to support others in their community by running Wise Women Nurture Groups.

It is also for educators, therapists, and other health and wellbeing professionals wanting to add additional streams of income to their practice by running these groups.

About Business in a Box Trainings

Learn how to run and deliver your own Wise Women groups to support the women around you!

Topics include: creating self-care rituals, therapeutic art activities, reflective discussions, self-expression, breathing and mindfulness exercises, using your voice for healing, and essential therapeutic activities to help nurture and protect our nervous systems.

The Business in the Box Manual is designed to provide tried and tested information and templates on how to manage classes, advertise your services, rates to set, professionals to get on board to help you grow, social media strategies, business documents you need, and advice to help you support yourself in building a sustainable creative business!
Business know-how – from start to launch.

Full structured programs and sessions ready to deliver, that have all been professionally tried and tested by a creative arts and clinical play therapist and consultant.

All Business in a Box products are ready to go so that you can just focus on spreading your passion and creativity and helping others in your community grow their wings!

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What You'll Learn


Self-Care Rituals
Learn how to create essential self-care rituals to share with your wise women.


Therapeutic Art Activites
Learn therapeutic art activities to aid self-reflection, growth, healing, and reconnection to self.


Group Discussions
Understand how to support, hold safe space and lead reflective group discussions.


Breathing and Mindfulness Exercises
Learn breathing and mindfulness exercises to share in your group program to help grow stronger brains, more capacity and manage stress.


Using Your Voice
Learn how to use your voice for healing and essential therapeutic activities to help nurture and protect our nervous systems.


The Vagus Nerve
Understand the power of the vagus nerve and how to use your voice for healing.


Teach Your Own Therapeutic Activities
Learn how to teach your wise women essential therapeutic activities to help nurture and protect their nervous systems.

“Thank you Tony & Sian! We found that session very helpful and practical and we feel encouraged to incorporate these strategies. Excellent articulation of information and the sharing of real life experiences is always powerful.”
Course Participant